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One Million Forgotten Moments

amylin cut off her dreadlocks last night. Today she is frantically trying to comb out the remains of her dreads. Last night we also went to a great theater show, we were in an audience of 20, sitting inside, watching tens of "actors" performing on the sidewalk and on the street, mingling with omunexpecting by-passers. Very entertaining! This week was also great for dumpster diving. It's just too easy in New York. I also got some work done on TrustLet and spent too much time writing stuff about the CouchSurfing Leadership Team. Fortunately I also booked some progress with getting other people hacking on the BeWelcome code. I can't wait till it's finally released under the GPL, so that I can just add a link to the one-file BW Rox for Windows I'm working on. So, now I hope that my dreadless dear will fix me a new layout for this blogĀ  some time soon. Addendum, October 2007 I mostly fixed the layout myself, but at least she just sent me this picture. amylin and me watching million forgotten moments