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My wikis - a couple of new ones and a tiny reflection

So yeah, I tend to start wikis all the time.  The past months have been no exception.  Marc had been talking a lot about "Cultwiki" (or at least about cults in various forms) so while in Israel I took a little moment and set up Cultwiki, which so far almost hasn't seen many edits - I'm not really that interested in cults myself  - or well, to think about why a specific group I like or don't like is a cult.  But maybe you are just as interested as Marc?  I also set up Drupal Wiki, which is not running Drupal. I love Drupal, but it just doesn't cut it for wikis. Wikis need a certain simplicity and MediaWiki can provide that. Drupal adds too much overhead. On the other hand, through Drupal I've learned a lot about search engine optimization, for which MediaWiki sucks quite badly. I've done some work on MediaWiki extensions and I have some ideas that might improve the ranking of MediaWiki's. Last year I started Cashwiki and Visawiki.  I was a little naughty by copying loads of stuff from other wikis that were available under the same Creative Commons ShareAlike Attribution license, but as it goes, both of those wikis have been unavailable for a while now.  So by duplicating their content I actually saved it.  And even though there's hardly any activity on either of these wikis I definitely want to keep them as notepads for my own experiences. From my experience with these two I came to think it doesn't hurt to start a couple more wikis than necessary so I went ahead and set up Wiki Limburg and Wikifurniture. These last two especially make sense as I've successfully been working together with my brother on keeping our family's furniture business out of the downturn economy. So we already have a lot of appropriate content and it's fun to see where we can take this.