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Trash to Tax to Morocco (not) to Memrise to Awesome App

Right after coming back from an excellent trip though the West Coast and Mexico I got an interesting message from London, through LinkedIn. Funny enough it was for a gig in Utrecht. Helping out the Dutch tax authorities with a MediaWiki project. I wasn't sure if I really wanted to do that so I came up with a silly daily price. Two days later I was in their office. In my jeans. In the first 5 minutes there was mention of Trashwiki which somehow was actually appreciated! So my finances were set for 2012. Very nice to start the year like that.

In April we planned to hitchhike to the South. I was somewhat seriously joking that we would find a ride to Morocco from Luxembourg in less than one hour. And then we actually did. Unfortunately Erga needed a visa to get into Morocco. And then even more unfortunately I broke my arm after arriving in Sevilla late at night, after a night without sleep I fell backwards and broke the fall with my arm. And then I broke my arm. Which has given me plenty of time to study 中文 and a bunch of other languages - mostly through Memrise, an amazing way to learn languages. I'm addicted. As soon as I bought another keyboard to type with both hands again I started picking up the idea to build an app. There's some progress there and together with Kenny... Hoping to show something awesome before Summer!

P.S. Meanwhile I also did some good work on a new version of, thanks to the Drupal Commerce training with Commerce Guys.