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Some new projects: vegan, velo and

A couple of months ago someone asked me to set up wikis about busking and abou veganism. A wiki about veganish things had been on my mind for a while. I just didn't directly want to register another domain name. I started looking around and found was still free. So I started, a website with information for vegans and wannabegans. It's growing fast and we already have more than 100 articles.

Then I also turned and all the other wikis I'm running into a wikifarm. Thinking about some other wikis to set up, if there's enough interest I'll be happy to set up a wiki about interesting topics. Meanwhile I already started wiki about bicycles, since I figured there'd be enough people happy to edit (and read) about bikes.

Then apart from all the wikis Robin, Camiel and I also started, a Dutch website with green news for geeks.

Oh and meanwhile I also managed to upgrade my first and most successful Drupal website to Drupal 7.

Some help while coding