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April Antiques

My life is mostly about new stuff, I just finished reading the ultra compelling novel by Daniel Suarez: Deamon. What a read. I couldn't refrain myself from continuing with the sequel right away. It's somewhat keeping me from work. Fortunately we just moved into a nice apartment for a week at the beautiful coast of Montenegro. Thanks to the power of FOAF it's the same place my friend Jasna stayed a few times. So I have a some more time to get stuff done, such as actual work and first steps towards selling quality European antiques in Asia, which is getting me back to my career dream when I was in primary school. I wanted to be a professor and an antique dealer. My academic career never came off the ground but it looks like the antiques are back after more than 3 decades.

And then finally some fun stuff: Hitchwiki is a nominee for the Ouishare Fest Awards in Paris early May, you can vote for us here.