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Back to blogging on WordPress and some more things

First of all, but actually last of all:, this is my new English language blog, based on WordPress. I had already set up a Dutch language blog at WordPress is just a lot better for blogs it seems. Live and learn. I'll keep this Drupal site just because it's too much pain to convert everything into WordPress but I might move parts of it to the WordPress sites.

Then last month I started deletionpedia v2 to archive deleted Wikipedia articles and, a wiki about cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin. I also started implementing Bitpay for BeWelcome, so that you can soon support free hospitality with BTC.

I've also done some more commercial work, on a yet to be disclosed wiki. And on some websites about online printing services in several languages, including German.

Meanwhile Veganwiki has gotten some Reddit love and Nomadwiki has also seen some good activity, especially regarding busking. And with all the wiki work I also saw the need for a mediawiki shell.