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Curriculum Vitae

Relevant professional experience

2008-present Self-employed social web consultant, MediaWiki, SEO, Drupal (Eiken en teak meubelen,, websites for NGOs, including Wikimini, the Dutch Tax Administration, Mercedes-Benz, communities, artists and an art festival
2009-2010 Part time IT expert for intal in Brussels, working on CiviCRM, Drupal, Ubuntu, LTSP.
2008 Developer at Hyves (9 million users in the Netherlands), in Amsterdam, PHP and MySQL on a large serverpark.
2007 System Analyst, Python Developer and Wiki Guru for the TrustLet project at Fundazione Bruno Kessler, in Trento, Italy. Design and implementation of a framework for analysis of trust networks.
2006 Core Developer (PHP, MySQL), Tech Team Coordinator, Knowledge Management for CouchSurfing (post-crash), in Montreal, California and New Zealand.
2006 Software Developer and System Integration (PHP, MySQL, ActionApps, Windows 2000) for CEPES in Lima, Peru, for the Ministry of Agriculture, to publish information about their grants.
2005 Design, Development and Training related to GNU/Linux and free software for community radio stations for Geekcorps Mali.
2002-2004 Research and Development (AI, Python) to find structure in musical pieces, IRCAM, Parijs, France.
2001 Development of GNU Pascal libraries for non-pop composer Clarence Barlow, Den Haag, Netherlands. May till August 2002
2000-2001 Software Developer (Visual Basic, JavaScript, ASP, IIS, MSSQL, PHP, MySQL) creation and maintenance of several websites related to accessibility and medical information for PPC in Nijmegen, Netherlands.
1999 Software Developer (PHP, MySQL) for Free Online in Nijmegen.


  • 2001-2002 Course of Sonology, electronic music at the Royal Conservatory of the Hague.
  • 1995-2000 Master of Science in Mathematics, University Nijmegen
    graduated in discrete mathematics with a thesis on string searching and regularity detection, besides mathematical subjects also courses in music psychology, cognitive science, ergonomics, object-oriented programming in C++, Scheme programming, modern physics, mechanics and philosophy
  • 1989-1995 Secondary education, VWO St. Janscollege Hoensbroek


Python, PHP, JavaScript, XHTML, CSS, C, C++, Unix shell, Perl, Scheme, SuperCollider. A more extensive list of projects is available at

Official involvement

  • 2015- Member of Board of Directors of Trustroots, a UK not-for-profit organization.
  • 2007-2009 Member of Board of Directors of Kunnafoni, a French not-for-profit organization to bring information to local communities in West Africa.


  • co-founded Hitchwiki
  • co-founded Wikipedias in Limburgish, Bambara and Peul
  • installing and adapting the MediaWiki platform and plugins
  • created and supported wiki communities
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mother tongue
Dutch, Limburgish
English, French, German
Italian, Spanish
Portuguese, Swedish, Russian, Hebrew, Bambara

Research interests

social networks, trust, gift economy, human-computer interaction, music, AI, language