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English language domains

Most of my portfolio consists of domains targeted at the Dutch language market. Here you can find some domains for the English speaking part of the world.

Of course any of these domains and websites are for sale or for rent. Contact me if you are interested and we can work something out.

Websites with actual content the money wiki
22, about direct sales, account management and sales management
Insurance SIX
Teak Table US
Teak Chairs US

These are currently not much more than a little script. But I will pimp them up in the near future:


sustainable development programs
new green technology


auto car accident lawyers
DUI atterneys in Los
DUI attorneys in
bankruptcy 13 7
going out of business furniture


tax relief service
cash settlement
FX trading Online
Cost of Living
Living Expenses
Cost of Life
Student Living Expenses
Online Grants
12 Mutual Funds
2 credit card
Buy stocks online without a broker
Vanguard in Action
Free Forex Training Guide
Free samples newsletter
Investment Finder
Maxx Reviews


Since I've had SEO requests coming from two different sources I decided to get into the Powerpoint business:
Presentation in Powerpoint
Free Powerpoint Templates
Professional Powerpoint
PPT template info
Presentation Service


Sport Events Management
The Olympics
Summer Olympics
Winter Olympics
FIFA Worldcup Football
Worldcup Football
The Superbowl
EUFA Champion's League
UEFA Champion's League Final

Ghent, Belgium

drugs rehab
training sales
Jewish studies
moving to Israel

Samsung Galaxy Biz
Social Media & Marketing
Outsourcing to India

commercial vehicle insurances
payroll outsourcing company
payroll services 247
teak furniture
social media business
creditcard services
cheapest car insurances
cheapest insurances
1 car insurance
monthly car insurance
merchant services in..
earn fast money in..
i need money in..
how to get money in...

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