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Super Wall super messed up

Sometimes I get in touch with friends I haven't seen in a long time, but most of the time Facebook is just terribly annoying. There are the vampires and growing gifts, and many more time wasting "applications". I also noticed that more than 50% of the requests come from less than 10% of my "friends". Today I went through the usual "confirm requests" and decided to check out at least the Super Wall (after tons of requests). I clicked through the sign-up process without looking, without selecting anything and no friends at all. Out of gratitude Super Wall decided to send a  postcard with "how to get a boyfriend: wear slutty clothes, laugh at his jokes, put out on the first date" in my name, to all my Facebook contacts. Great. ... Not. A partly solution for these annoyances is an optional blocking of applications and requests from certain friends. And I'm not sure how to fix the sheer abuse by the Super Wall application. Is there some kind of member feedback about applications to Facebook?