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Watch out for Autoblogging!

I’ve been looking around at, an online marketplace for websites and I’ve come across quite a few funky, dodgy and murky things. This is a short post just to tell you not get involved in this one thing: autoblogging, which doesn’t have much to do with blogging but more so with automatically copying other people’s blog posts.

Spyrestudios wrote a good post about why autoblogging sucks, main reasons are that it’s not nice to those who have the original, and it’s also won’t lead to a healthy SEO situation. Google doesn’t like copycats.

The best way to spot autoblogging is to run the frontpage and a couple of other pages of a site through

Of course it can still be interesting to buy a website that was created through autoblogging – if the price is low enough. But you’ll have to spend quite some time and money on cleaning up the site afterwards if you want to create a sustainable business auto this.