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Guaka was born somewhere in the Netherlands and lived in Paris, Mali, Peru, New Zealand, Italy, Amsterdam and Brussels. He has worked and volunteered for a wide range of NGOs, such as Geekcorps Mali, CEPES in Peru, CouchSurfing, he has done scientific research on trust metrics and he even spent some time in the office of the largest social network in the Netherlands. He studied mathematics, in which he holds an MSc, cognitive science, electronic music and artificial intelligence and is a hobby linguist.

He fluently speaks Dutch, English, French, German, Limburgish, Spanish and Italian. He is administrator of the Wikipedias in Limburgish, Bambara, Fulfulde, and Wolof, he has founded Hitchwiki, Trashwiki and many more wikis.

His favorite programming language is Python but he tends to mostly be stuck with PHP.

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