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Slicehost DNS API Python code

I'm setting up quite a few domains these days. The interface of the company is far from great and it doesn't allow bulk updates for DNS records. Fortunately I still have a Slicehost account. At the moment I don't have any VPS running there but they still allow their customers to use their DNS services. I think that's a smart way of retaining clients - and getting new ones.

I've been using their DNS services at times when I, a friend or a client was in need for it. And like Slicehost slices, the services have been very reliable. So I decided to check out their API and I was happy to see there was some Python code. I dove into it and wrote a nice script (I love Python) that allows me to create and update DNS zones and records for the many new domains I recently got.

I thought it could be useful for someone else as well, so here it is.
If you don't have a Slicehost account yet, and you want to create one (because of this script? ;) please use sign up through this link to give me some Slicehost credit :)

If you're on Debian or Ubuntu you can fetch the required pyactiveresource library like this:

sudo apt-get install python-setuptools
sudo easy_install pyactiveresource

The code

Slicehost DNS API Python code

written by Guaka in 2011

This is free and unencumbered software released into the public domain.  See

import urllib, re, sys, os
from pyactiveresource.activeresource import ActiveResource

api_url = 'https://%[email protected]/' % api_key

class Record(ActiveResource):
    _site = api_url

class Zone(ActiveResource):
    _site = api_url

def new_record(zone_id, rectype, name, data, ttl = 3600):
    myrecord = Record({'record_type': rectype,
                       'zone_id': zone_id,
                       'name': name,
                       'data': data,
                       'ttl': ttl,

def new_zone(name):
    myzone = Zone({'origin': name, 'ttl': 3600})
    return myzone

def set_default_records(zone_id, ip, domain):
    new_record(zone_id, 'A', '*', ip)
    new_record(zone_id, 'A', '@', ip)
    new_record(zone_id, 'A', domain + '.', ip)
    new_record(zone_id, 'NS', domain + '.', '')
    new_record(zone_id, 'NS', domain + '.', '')
    new_record(zone_id, 'NS', domain + '.', '')
    records = Record.find(zone_id = zone_id)
    return records

def update_zones(domainlist, ip):
    zone_dict = dict([(x.attributes['origin'][0:-1], x.attributes['id'])
                      for x in Zone.find()])
    for domain in domainlist:
        print domain
        if zone_dict.has_key(domain):
            zone_id = zone_dict[domain]
            print "existing", zone_id
            zone_id = new_zone(domain).id
            print "new", zone_id
        print [x.attributes for x in set_default_records(zone_id, ip, domain)]

domaintext = """                                                                                                                                      

domains = domaintext.split()
print domains
update_zones(domains, '')