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Dumped by

I decided to check out what is about, apart from parking domains. I copied 10 domains in their application form (that's the minimum) and received this a couple of days later:

In order for to pay industry leading payouts we have to ensure traffic quality for our network is of the highest standards.
Our traffic quality department has analyzed your application and has determined that it does not currently meet the standards we are looking for in new partners.

The Traffic Quality Department

Dumped. An outright refusal. But not really clear about their actual reasons. Should I have applied with more domain names? I entered some domains based on keywords that have a high click value and are googled quite often.

I didn't feel like wasting more time on this than googling their message. I found some forum posts where people have some interesting suggestions: 1. contacting Parked through the contact form, 2. going through an affiliate banner somewhere, 3. having an address in the United States. Don't feel like dealing with any of these as I am pretty sure there are other companies that do want my business. I just signed up at Sedo. Seems to work fine.

P.S. Sedo is not playing hard to get. Within 30 minutes that included a text message from Sedo, I had my first parked domain. I can also add domains to Sedo’s market place now – which seems like a good thing to do.