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Finance Websites

What have I been doing the past years? Of course, lots of traveling and moving around places are involved, but for now I'll just focus on some of my business stuff.

Finance content websites

I first tried Adsense in 2006. I've been doing SEO since 2009 or so. A year later I finally figured out how to actually make some money with Google Adsense. Then I overdid it when I started 70 websites with low content quality. This was good back then, at least financially. It wasn't tons of money but nice as a side project. When my friend Robin later lived without money for a while, he set up a website about how to live without money.

And of course he figured out how to make good money with that website about living without money. Through affiliate marketing and smart online and irl marketing efforts. Consequently I translated it into a bunch of other languages again. It was also obvious that most online advertising money was in financial websites. So out of the 70 websites I optimized only the ones with financial topics. That was good.

Fintech and FiFi Finance

Later on, I even started a fintech business. I played the game of pretending to have a business while there was hardly anything worthwhile talking about. Learned tons about angel investing, venture capital, accelerators. Great stuff. Met tons of people. Got tired of that, so stopped my involvement.

So it was time for something new. And Robin and I finally decided to build one all-encompassing finance portal. The working name of that is FiFi Finance. For now we focus on financial topics in two countries, the Netherlands and the United States.

What I've learned from startup accelerators

Through the startup accelerators I participated in I learned a couple of things.

  1. Most startups fail.
  2. Most startups are really good at being busy without getting much done.
  3. Most of the time it's better to do nothing than to do something without thinking.
  4. If you are good at something, focus on that. I'm good at SEO (even built a tool for this).
  5. Helping others only works when others are ready to be helped. I'm good at SEO but none of the startups in the accelerators were interested in this.