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Five reasons you should you start developing your domains right from the start

I'm not an average domainer. I have a strong IT background with tons of experience with search engine optimization. Hence I have a different outlook on this business that can be valuable to this business and to everyone on the Internet. Here you find five reasons why you should you start developing your domains right from the start.

  1. Domain age matters. Website age matters. The sooner Googlebot comes over to see what's going on the better. Even if there is just a standard template, this will be better than nothing.
  2. It's annoying for people who are interested in buying a domain to not find any kind of website on the name of their liking. Avoid this. Ideally potential buyers will be able to find you without too much hassle. Most people never heard of whois so they won't go to the source
  3. It's even better if you develop a little bit more and actually provide some kind of value to the visitor who stumbles upon your domain - first of all for Googlebot and Yahoo Slurp. This way you might already start scoring visitors and you can think of the next reason...
  4. You want to earn back the cash you spent on acquiring the domain name. If you have some kind of content that gets some visitors a little bit of adsense can do this for you for many domains For some domains I even earned back the money without any effort but registering the domain name.
  5. Of course it's a slightly ADHD approach, but well, I think this should be part of the job of a domainer: having an idea and turning it into a website within a couple of hours is great. It's highly addictive once you also manage to score in the engines. I pimped this site to the first page for "domain pimp" within much less than 24 hours of the initial idea - and results like that keep me going like a mad pimp on crack cocaine.

I really take this very seriously myself. I immediately point my domains to a server that will serve something that is slightly relevant to the domain name. Automatically. In many cases I take it a step further by setting up the proper software (usually Drupal, sometimes WordPress, and rarely MediaWiki or.. a custom solution I write up).

Of course it becomes harder (possibly even almost impossible) to get to this kinda speed if you're dealing with the slightest form of bureaucracy, colleagues or outsourced programmers. That's why it's great to be independent.