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Guaka Mole in Trento

It's crazy how it's possible to be together most of the time for one year while traveling, but not when staying in one place. I hope that humanity will be able to get rid of borders some day, well, rather sooner than later. Anyway, I'm flying to New York next week, to see my love! Unfortunately I can't stay as long as I would like to. Paolo doesn't let me. I'm happy we booked a lot of progress with the TrustLet code. And today I even came up with the GuakaMole trust metric, which is the best trust metric of the ones we've tried so far on the Advogato dataset. I'll be coming back over Dublin, where I hope to stay with matthew75. He was one of my guests in Paris in 2004, and now he happens to be living in Dublin. I found him again on It's amazing how small world networks work. Now I can't wait to see amylin, for a hand massage and delish vegan munchies! Tomorrow I'm taking a 15 euro train to Kufstein, which is right next to the German border, then I'll hitch to the Netherlands from there.