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numpy documentation

With trustlet, I'm finally getting to a point where we can do cool stuff, evaluating prediction graphs of trust metrics. Now I need to refresh my Python array stuff. Since last time I was using that stuff, in 2004, they have refactored it (once more) and called it numpy. That's fine. But, in order to read an important part of the documentation you need to pay 39.99 US$. Now, that's less and less  by the day, but still, it's very inconvenient, and probably holding back wider acceptation of  Python in the scientific community. Like software, documentation should be free. I might even pay if the author would have chosen to use the Creative Commons ShareAlike NonCommercial Attribution license - but then I would be able to pass on the information to my friends (even they are all over the internet). I think it would have been a wiser choice to find a job at some institute or company to further the development of numpy and scipy, and its documentation in a freer way. That shouldn't be too hard these days.