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I had a dream. I woke up. It's 22:03. I think, I was in China in my dream. It's the same dream I had over the weekend. People were valking around with little devices. Recording reality. Broadcasting reality. A blind man was walking around, seeing. With this device. He had no eyes. We were losing control though. China, or I think it was rather BigCorps combined, were taking away our power to record and registrate what was going on. The blind man was giving up and appeared in whatever was TV and had given up the idea of seeing. While dreaming, I thought this was a dream about the future. But, this is happening now. It's 2007. New York City wants blocking normal people from taking pictures and recording videos. It's 2007, and apart from the loony artists and eletronic frontiermen, nobody cares. Do you? It's 2007, and our storage capacity is increasing and increasing. It'll be hard to find a phone without 8 GB soon. Do you think security companies are actuallying recycling their storage? Do you think governments are? They might, might have policies in place, and might follow them. But not in China for sure. And not in Googolia, Amazonia, or Yahoo. But why still care? I know some of you do, but I think it's better instead, to march along, no, run in front of them, and be there first! Right at the frontier. Storing our experiences to the max, giving them away to anyone who slightly cares. Privacy is a dream from the past. This is the age of Utubiquity is now. Let's free our phones, our dishwashers and cars, and equip all of them. Let's make the blind see, not thru gEyes or iSee, but with OpenEyes. I sure as hell know that whenever silicon enters my flesh it oughta be free and open. This should be the age of Communal Creativity. Done right there's nothing to fear. And I turn on the light at 22:24.