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creative commons is a Dutch language project to gather information about free software content relationship management and content management systems. It's both a blog and wiki, which is as of June 2010 still only editable by myself.

My wikis - a couple of new ones and a tiny reflection

So yeah, I tend to start wikis all the time.  The past months have been no exception.  Marc had been talking a lot about "Cultwiki" (or at least about cults in various forms) so while in Israel I took a little moment and set up Cultwiki, which so far almost hasn't seen many edits - I'm not really that interested in cults myself  - or well, to think about why a specific group I like or don't like is a cult.  But maybe you are just as interested as Marc?  I also set up


I had a dream. I woke up. It's 22:03. I think, I was in China in my dream. It's the same dream I had over the weekend. People were valking around with little devices. Recording reality. Broadcasting reality. A blind man was walking around, seeing. With this device. He had no eyes. We were losing control though. China, or I think it was rather BigCorps combined, were taking away our power to record and registrate what was going on.