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Last week I realized that I couldn't remember when exactly I had not been going out at night. Amsterdam is great. So many people to meet and spend time with. Last Thursday I met up with Niels Fermont, whom I hadn't really seen the last 12 years or so and whom I found on Hyves a while back. It was great to bring back memories from primary school. We had a very tasty dinner. Unfortunately I suspect the forest mushroom pie to have ruined my digestive system up until today. So I wasn't able to head down to FOSDEM in Brussels. The up side was that I finally had some time to go through my drafts folder, where emails end up that I still have to write. Besides all that I am feeling mostly happy with  my MacBook Pro. There are some issues, such as the lack of decent shortcuts but it's a relief to not be forced to keep on tweaking and twiddling settings. I hope some company will be able to create a similar experience based on Ubuntu. This week I'll be moving to an awesome apartment and tomorrow I'm expecting a friend I haven't seen for 1,5 years. And Hyves is moving to a new office.