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1000 articles in Hitchwiki!

Today we reached the milestone of 1000 articles at!  It took less than 3 years to get there.  Already before I found the then called "Hitchhiker's guide to Hitchhiking" I was sure that a wiki for hitchhikers was a good idea.  So I'm very happy that I moved the project to in December 2005. At some point I had been thinking to move it to, but fortunately MrTweek was around. He did an excellent job setting up and maintaining the current and adding the extremely cool integrated maps. All in all the project has become a prime source of current hitchhiking info, and a lightning rod for online social cooperation - in three years' time we never felt the need to set up even a single rule. Next...
  • Last week I contacted Salman of and we can probably show a nicely integrated Hitchwiki on there!
  • More syndication, especially to other places and vice versa
  • More info in other languages besides English
  • Most important: continue the do-ocratic conviviality!