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Ubuntu on LENOVO ThinkPad Edge Dual-Core

This is a work in progress

Most stuff works out of the box. The main issue is getting wifi to work without issues.

I've used Ubuntu 10.04 with most stuff working nicely for a while, until I got a hard drive issue (I replaced the hard drive with a 60GB SSD). Now I'm running 10.10. Apart from /etc I didn't make a backup of my setup so I have to figure out things again - and I'll keep track of that on this page.

Wireless: r8192se_pci issues is a Dutch language project to gather information about free software content relationship management and content management systems. It's both a blog and wiki, which is as of June 2010 still only editable by myself.

Recursively create lowercase symlinks to filenames with uppercase letters - in Python

I'm working on a project to convert a big ASP website into Drupal. On Windows OSes there is not really a distinction between upper and lower case characters in filenames. At first I thought to just leave the capitals, but on web pages links were sometimes with capitals and sometimes lowercase. So I added some stuff to the Apache configuration, usually inside the VirtualHost directive (this does not work in .htaccess):


RewriteEngine on
RewriteMap lc int:tolower
RewriteCond %{REQUEST_URI} [A-Z]


wik2dict is a tool I wrote in Python. It converts MediaWiki SQL dumps into the DICT format.

I'm not actively maintaining this anymore, Aard Dictionary seems the way to go.

Ads are back - this time FLOSS only though!

This month I found out about the free software advertising network. I took the opportunity of moving my blog to Drupal to add ads for ethical computing, approved by the Free Software Foundation: "The Free Software Community now has an ethical alternative to ad networks that promote proprietary software".

Damn, I'm even tempted to click on these ads myself!

A job?! And, time tracking in Drupal?

I'm looking for a decent time tracking tool for Drupal, both for my freelance work as well for my employer, Intal. Briefly, Intal is an NGO working with partner NGOs in many countries (and places), among which Philippines, Congo, Cuba and Colombia, in the fields of health care, development, peace and human rights.