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More to follow: wikis without nofollow

I've come to realize that it's silly that most wikis are using nofollow by default. In fact, it seems that the majority of the most visited websites are not contributing to a healthy way for spreading pagerank. Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, Youtube, Wikipedia and Delicious are all adding rel="pleasefollow" to links added by their users. I'm sure it helps them in the fight against spam but it also makes it much harder for smaller sites to appear in the top at all. It's probably time for a more appropriate system, though it's hard to figure out what this would look like - and it needs the support of exactly these top sites, who will probably loose by leveling the playfield for lesser websites. In order to add my own 2 cents  I've installed the Nofolllow Free plugin for Wordpress on this blog.  And I've started de-nofollowing a couple of wikis I'm involved in. I'm curious to see the effect, whether I will be fighting more spam and if people will pick up on this by contributing more and hopefully doing likewise for their own wikis. The links on all of these wikis deserve receiving some google juice: More to follow!