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How I became my own CMO

Introduce yourself and B2B Pay

In 1998 I was running my own web server, at home on a broadband internet connection from my University. A Linux box with Apache, running some homemade websites. I've always considered myself a techie, a geek. On a RTW trip a decade ago I met Neil Ambikar. We stayed in touch over the years - and then Summer 2015 we decided to start a fintech business.

Working on an SEO tool

Google Analytics ceased to be useful for SEO quite a while ago. Over the past two years I moved my analysis elsewhere. Finding myself doing the same things over and over again in Google Webmaster I decided to automate things a little bit. Things have progressed quickly and now it looks like this:

SEO tool was started off in 2009 or so as "proemevlaai", a delicious "vlaai" that my mom bakes in summer, when the plums are ripe.
It started as an SEO thing, with, which was supposed to be bought by client. Who then didn't do so. We put adsense on the thing and suddenly some money was coming in.

Post to multiple social networks with this great alternative

I only met Callum briefly in Melbourne in 2007, right after I stopped volunteering for couchsurfing, right before he started volunteering for couchsurfing. A brief encounter with Callum was enough to know you're dealing with someone very smart and special. Later we started and regularly communicated online. I was happy to meet him again last summer in 2012. He wanted to start a new project and we brainstormed a bit about this. We were both avid users of I think Callum actually got me onto at some point in 2007 or so.

My first mobile site, in Drupal of course

In 2008 I built my first Drupal site, for a furniture business. The site proved to be a big success and we started some other furniture sites as well later on. I also worked on many other Drupal sites and the web in general hasn't been standing still. So last year we decided it was time for an upgrade. Not as easy as thought with a site that is ranking extremely well for a wide range of keywords. It also appeared more difficult to get to a new design.


Guaka is available for projects and for contract work related to free software. My specialties are Drupal, MediaWiki, search engine optimization and Python. I have a wide range of experience in working for NGOs as well as with profit companies across the globe, ranging from Geekcorps Mali to CouchSurfing to B'Tselem, a social network with over 5 million members in the Netherlands and with my SEO skills I've successfully attracted many customers to a furniture business, in a time of recession.