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Wanted: Wireless Researcher for project in Dharamsala, India

In 2005 I spent some time ICT volunteering for Geekcorp Mali.  And in 2001 I traveled in India and had a great time in the North.  Now, a ICT volunteer is actually needed in Dharamsala.  Contact me if you have the skills, time and you feel like an amazing experience:
AirJaldi, a nonprofit dedicated to harnessing the capabilities of the internet for the benefit of rural communities in developing countries, is looking for a highly-motivated and experienced person to take a central role in carrying out an innovative research project aimed at developing a viable Bandwidth Maximizer for rural Wireless ISPs (WISPS). The job is based in Dharamsala, HP, India. Your technical work will be supervised and monitored by AirJaldi’s CEO and CTO. You will report directly to AirJaldi’s CEO, based in Dharamsala. Responsibilities/Scope of Work: Lead Research focusing on, amongst others:
  1. Searching and testing low-cost or Free software and hardware products for use as parts of the BwM system.
  2. Adapting and integrating hardware and software components to create the BwM system.
  3. Test and deploy a prototype BwM in the lab, on an emulated network and on a production network in Dharamsala.
  4. Document and summarize research findings and participate in preparing project reports for funding body and general circulation.
  5. Prepare Operation manuals on setting up, configuring and operating the BwM.
  6. Assist in other AirJaldi tasks as needed and required by the CEO.
  • Extensive hands-on experience with administration of GNU/Linux and Linux-based networks and systems. Past employment with an ISP, hosting-facility or IT department of a large enterprise a major plus.
  • Strong familiarity with F/OSS tools and their integration.
  • You should be very confident with the following terms, protocols, servers and environments: multilayer IP switching and routing, firewalls (iptables), Policy-routing, DNS management and debugging, SMTP (sendmail, exim), POP/IMAP, HTTP (apache), Squid, Radius, LDAP, VPNs (OpenVPN), etc.
  • Familiarity with NMS and network provisioning systems is essential- the job will require setup of advanced Nagios-based network monitoring systems for very large and complex networks.
  • Familiarity with the following tools and similar ones required: Nagios, Cacti, MRTG, RRD, SNMP, Munin/Orca.
  • Experience with routing protocols, QoS setups, Embedded-Linux, MS-Windows machines support (Samba, wins) a plus.
  • Previous knowledge of RF a plus.
  • Previous field experience, in particular in a developing country, a great asset.
Qualifications / Skills / Experience In order to successfully carry out your work and as importantly, enjoy it and derive as much satisfaction from it as we do, you will need to: Be willing and able to live in a small, rural setting. Ability to work within a multi-national multi-lingual and multi-cultural team. Be an excellent team player – we mean this. Our team is built is based on getting the most from each of our team members, which calls for mutual respect and support. (professional and personal). You will be required to adhere to these principles.