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Moving my blog from WordPress to Drupal

WordPress is a great blogging platform. I've been using it for a couple of years now for my blog. However, with some small exceptions I haven't really dived deeper into it. Since most of my professional time (and a lot of my hobby time) goes into Drupal I started looking into moving my blog to Drupal. I've also been thinking about how I want to publish more about the work I've been doing.

So I naturally came across the WordPress import module and started playing with it. It was mostly great. I had some password protected pages on my WordPress blog. The module didn't really handle these, it didn't even inform the user about these pages. I posted an issue and the module got updated a while ago. still seemed a bit weird in its inner workings, but since this WordPress issue I got back into it again. Anyway, now the pages are just left unpublished, which is good enough for me.

Views has a nice monthly archive view to replace the archive functionality in WordPress, but the links to archives in WordPress look like, which is currently a bit harder to achieve in Drupal. It would be possible with a smart .htaccess rule but I found out that Google and Yahoo haven't indexed any of these archive pages, which makes it much less urgent to fix this.

Fixing tags and categories URLs took a little bit of tampering with pathauto, and I don't think it's completely working already, but I don't mind a minor SEO penalty for a couple of broken links if it allows me to add a lot more and varied content to

For the theme I decided to give Acquia Prosper theme a try. Through the Skinr module it becomes really easy to make quick changes. I decided to be lazy for now and used the CSS injector instead of subtheming Prosper.

So as it stands I'm happy enough with the current state of and I'm going to switch right now...