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See my profile at github.

Some projects that I've contributed code to, available under free software licenses:
  • trustlet, analysis of trust metrics, Python, NetworkX, numpy
  • wik2dict, converter of MediaWiki dumps into the DICT format, currently in the trustlet codebase, Python
  • BeWelcome, hospitality exchange software, PHP, MySQL, XHTML, CSS
  • Google Calendar plugin for MediaWiki, PHP
Small patches: I've been involved in finding bugs, usability issues and new features for the following projects: I've also worked on code for the following companies and organizations:
  • (PHP, MySQL, CSS), I started developing in August 2006, right after the crash, I was the CS tech team coordinator from autumn 2006 till January 2007 and I remained core developer until May 2007.
  • structural analysis of audio from musical pieces (Python, numarray), for IRCAM
  • custom GNU Pascal libraries
  • ActionApps data migration (PHP on Windows and GNU/Linux) for CEPES in Peru
  • and more (ASP, MS SQL Server), for PPC