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Cheapest way to get from Brussels to Maastricht (and vice versa)

"What's the cheapest way to get from Brussels to Maastricht?" I just got this question from a friend and I think it's good more people know about an option to get from Brussels to Maastricht for just a bit more than 10 euros. Well, I'm actually going to discuss the third cheapest way to get from Maastricht to Brussels. Of course the two cheapest ways are hitchhiking and walking (in this order, since you'll be very hungry when walking from Brussels to Maastricht). If you take the train in Belgium regularly this option will be a good deal for you.

Noach Kinderopvang

I created a new website for Noach Kinderopvang Maastricht, based on Drupal and a design they had for a couple of years already, for a static website.

I'll continue in Dutch: Noach is een kinderopvangorganisatie gebaseerd op antropofisch-pedagogische inzichten, en bestaat uit een kinderdagverblijf, een babyhuis, een peutergroep en een buitenschoolse opvang.