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It's good to have local friends!

Thanks to Fabrizia, who put an ad in a local weekly, I have a new place. She and Davide have been very helpful.Unfortunately amylin hasn't come back from New York yet, but that gives me the opportunity to make our place look good. There's a garden, roses, a garden table, a bath tub and a lot of beds! I think the 72 year old landlady used to rent it to 4 students. Today I moved a lot of stuff there with a free electric pick-up trucklet. Because I befriended Michele and Maurizio, who both work for the municipal parking organization of Trento, I was able to use the Ecomobile for a bit longer than the usual 2 hours. Last night I was invited for dinner at Michele's girlfriend's place, which was great. I mostly spoke Italian, but Michele speaks Russian very well, he's been to many former Soviet countries on his motorbike (and also to India, Nepal and many more places) and he's planning to drive through South America next year! On Thursday I went to a concert of a trio of musicians playing anarchist and anti-fascist songs in a tiny "private club". Our place is conveniently located between my work (or rather, my free lunch) and the center of Trento. It's slightly uphill though, from the city center, but somehow I had rides there all the time. And I will have one very soon, since I have a tiny bit more stuff to move, and Paolo will arrive here shortly so we can quickly do some work and then I can meet Michele and his girlfriend again tonight. On Monday the washing machine will be installed and hopefully the heater will be fixed, it's leaking a little bit right now. Right after posting amylin just sent me some cute pictures of her new haircut. amylin with short hair in New York She's still quite unsure about it, but I think it looks totally fkn awesome! amylin with short hair in New York