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Working for Hyves in Amsterdam

Hyves is a Dutch social network based in Amsterdam. I've been a member for a while now and I mainly used it to find people I know from my primary and secondary school. On the 29th of November I noticed that they were looking for people. I sent them a very short message with a link to my CV. Koen, one of the  three founders, responded within 20 minutes. Exactly one week later I was in a plane heading to  Amsterdam to attend the party to celebrate the 5.000.000th member.

It's good to have local friends!

Thanks to Fabrizia, who put an ad in a local weekly, I have a new place. She and Davide have been very helpful.Unfortunately amylin hasn't come back from New York yet, but that gives me the opportunity to make our place look good. There's a garden, roses, a garden table, a bath tub and a lot of beds! I think the 72 year old landlady used to rent it to 4 students.

Montreal, Boston, NYC, Dublin, Treviso, Verona, Trento

We left Morgan a bit later than planned. I really didn't sleep well with the prospect of waking up at 5AM. We started of taking a bus out of Montreal, at 9:16. Hitching in Quebec is easy. We had a couple of short rides, and then a ride down to Burlington, a college town in Vermont (in the US, the State of Cheese). Like most college towns, it was easy to hitch out of there. But then we were in a shitty spot.