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Amsterdam - Hamburg - Stockholm

We left Amsterdam last Friday, after 15:00 or so.  It took 50 minutes or so to leave Amsterdam at the liftershalte (which is also the longest wait of this trip!). We arrived at Julien's front door in Hamburg right in time for dinner. The third ride was great, a Danish managing director of 7 companies was happy to take us from the parking spot close to Osnabrueck. His Chrysler quickly accelerated to 220 km/h, and he was driving like a madman. Julien in HamburgUnfortunately it was not convenient enough to blog with maemowordpy on my N810. So I'm writing this in Stockholm. Or well, in a really nice Summer house that is currently inhabited all the time in the Southern suburbs of Stockholm. It's close to a beautiful lake. It's actually not really suburbs here. There's not even regular water. The pump broke and now we have to help ourselves with bottles and buckets.  It's a great lesson on how not to waste water. Lovely Swedish Belgian kid at the ferry in Puttgarden

Hamburg was great. Despite the heavy rain. We met up with Matthias and Lena (who was at the CouchSerfing Collective New Zealand) and met some new friends.  We stayed with Julien, who is simply hilarious. A lot of parties and vegan pancakes. Again we left Hamburg a bit later. We quickly had a ride - before the rain came down, into sunnier weather. The couple (in their fifties) who picked us up told us they hitchhiked themselves in Norway, with their children.  At the gas station we immediately had eye contact with a woman and then it appears that she (Swedish), her husband (from Belgium) and children (bilingual) were heading to Denmark and they were happy to take us there. In the car we talked a lot. Then I found out that her husband was making a living through Drupal and that he had too many requests and he's willing to pass on some work to a starting Drupalist!

E, German kids and kano bus in Sweden At the lines before the ferry I walked around to find a ride towards Copenhagen.  I found a group of German kids (16, 17, 18 and 19 y/o) with big kanos on a huge Mercedes van.  They were happy to take us and then we found out that they were actually going to the North of Sweden. So we skipped Copenhagen. I wanted to see Sigurdas and Stockholm though.  We spent the night in our tent in the South of Sweden, which was quite comfy, woke up and continued with the German kids. They dropped us at a gas station where there was only one potential friendly car driver, who also took us to Stockholm. Now it's 14:00, E is preparing pasta and we're planning on eating that and head North to Umea. BeWelcome in the forest, Stockholm bonus vid preview