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Zwembad Aanleg was started as a proof of concept, to see if my brother and I could build a website quickly about a topic we didn't know so much - yet.

My wikis - a couple of new ones and a tiny reflection

So yeah, I tend to start wikis all the time.  The past months have been no exception.  Marc had been talking a lot about "Cultwiki" (or at least about cults in various forms) so while in Israel I took a little moment and set up Cultwiki, which so far almost hasn't seen many edits - I'm not really that interested in cults myself  - or well, to think about why a specific group I like or don't like is a cult.  But maybe you are just as interested as Marc?  I also set up

Amsterdam - Hamburg - Stockholm

We left Amsterdam last Friday, after 15:00 or so.  It took 50 minutes or so to leave Amsterdam at the liftershalte (which is also the longest wait of this trip!). We arrived at Julien's front door in Hamburg right in time for dinner. The third ride was great, a Danish managing director of 7 companies was happy to take us from the parking spot close to Osnabrueck.

Flying is diving into the Wind

Millions of rain drops fell down while I've been playing with Drupal and Facebook apps the past days. It feels good to be able to completely plan my own time again. I'm very positive about all the opportunities arising in many places and in many different disciplines. is my first Drupal site and probably also the most successful one, for what it's doing at least. It doesn't have a lot of specific functionality, but it works really well for its purpose: attracting customers to a furniture business business.

In 2012 the German version upgraded Drupal 7 and added e-commerce.

In 2013 we streamlined the process and enabled the whole thing on more websites.