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Hitchhiking Planet

Yay, two Planets in one weekend. After having set up Planet Hospitality I decided to also set up Hitchhiking Planet. It still needs some tinkering, and probably a new location, but at least it's up and running. Check this Hitchwiki page if you want to add your blog (or just contact me directly, that's fine too).

Montreal, Boston, NYC, Dublin, Treviso, Verona, Trento

We left Morgan a bit later than planned. I really didn't sleep well with the prospect of waking up at 5AM. We started of taking a bus out of Montreal, at 9:16. Hitching in Quebec is easy. We had a couple of short rides, and then a ride down to Burlington, a college town in Vermont (in the US, the State of Cheese). Like most college towns, it was easy to hitch out of there. But then we were in a shitty spot.

Crashing at Morgan's in Montreal

amylin and I have been crashing at Morgan's (6 1/2) in Montreal since Thursday.  We hitchhiked here from Northampshire, MA, where we stayed with Joe. We had left a bit later than planned so it was not easy to get to Montreal.

Apparently Paolo and I just started writing a book

Apparently Paolo and I just started writing a book, about trust metrics, of course. Feel free to write along ;) It made me think about an article I read about the advantages of hitchhiking to society. Unfortunately I don't remember much more than some vagueness. I'm not giving up yet, though. I think it was about how random people meeting and sharing - which is what hitchhiking basically is about - will have a very positive effect on society, i.e.


Hitchwiki is a wiki about hitchhiking. It grew out of another wiki about hitchhiking. At the end of 2006, when I was at the CS Collective in New Zealand, MrTweek and I decided to start a new independent wiki and Hitchwiki was born.