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hospitality exchange

Crashing at Morgan's in Montreal

amylin and I have been crashing at Morgan's (6 1/2) in Montreal since Thursday.  We hitchhiked here from Northampshire, MA, where we stayed with Joe. We had left a bit later than planned so it was not easy to get to Montreal.

One Million Forgotten Moments

amylin cut off her dreadlocks last night. Today she is frantically trying to comb out the remains of her dreads. Last night we also went to a great theater show, we were in an audience of 20, sitting inside, watching tens of "actors" performing on the sidewalk and on the street, mingling with omunexpecting by-passers. Very entertaining! This week was also great for dumpster diving. It's just too easy in New York.

Guaka Mole in Trento

It's crazy how it's possible to be together most of the time for one year while traveling, but not when staying in one place. I hope that humanity will be able to get rid of borders some day, well, rather sooner than later. Anyway, I'm flying to New York next week, to see my love! Unfortunately I can't stay as long as I would like to. Paolo doesn't let me.

Weak links

Yesterday I started reading Barabasi's "Linked: The New Science of Networks". It's inspiring, in many ways. It makes me realize how different my life is, compared to most nodes in the social network of human connections. I have many connections, but compared to most people, most of my links are weak. I met so many people in so many places, mostly for very brief periods - i.e. a ride in their car, staying one night at someone's home.