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wik2dict is a tool I wrote in Python. It converts MediaWiki SQL dumps into the DICT format.

I'm not actively maintaining this anymore, Aard Dictionary seems the way to go.

Underscores to dashes in MediaWiki (not yet)

It's clear that dashes (-) are better than underscores (_) for search engine optimization. So people have looked for ways to make MediaWiki use -. Wikihow is one of the few MediaWiki sites that behaves this way, but unfortunately even they don't seem to be running an extension for this. I tried my luck at changing the MediaWiki core (Title.php) but I'll leave this for now.


Sharewiki is a wiki about Sharing. We started on November 6, 2008.


Trashwiki was started in 2008. My friend Robin told me to register after a brainstorm in casarobino. Honestly, I didn't immediately see the point, but it didn't take long. A global guide for dumpster divers with information on how to, where and what to dumpster dive was born.

P2P foundation

Since 2007 I've provided technical support to the P2P foundation. Both the MediaWiki installation as well as some work related to the WordPress blog.


Hitchwiki is a wiki about hitchhiking. It grew out of another wiki about hitchhiking. At the end of 2006, when I was at the CS Collective in New Zealand, MrTweek and I decided to start a new independent wiki and Hitchwiki was born.