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Nokia N810

I wish Nokia sold laptops. I really liked my Nokia 770, that I bought in December 2005. It's running mostly free software, and is very Debianic. I wasn't traveling with a laptop then, and it was a nice (and often cheap) way to get online. I also read a lot of books with the excellent FBReader. And I created MaemoDict, which never really worked very well I must admit. But, silly enough I was more focused on working on the CouchSurfing code base once I finally bought a laptop (that is seriously broken now). I saw the announcements of the N810 a couple of weeks ago, and I was just in time to apply for Nokia's developer program, which gives developers the possibility to buy the device for 99 euros instead of the usual price. So I'm very happy to receive that they accepted my application ("I want to have many dictionaries and encyclopedias in my pocket"). Now I'm actually reading Nokia's entire announcement, and it's friggin great!  The N800 already had a faster CPU, a webcam, much more memory and a normal SD card, but the N810 is totally awesome, it comes with GPS and a real mini-keyboard! And, it's great to see that Nokia has moved away from the proprietary Opera to a Mozilla based browser. Because of the GPS it could be interesting for Citizen Logistics, and I'm really looking forward to see if it's possible to get on it!