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Hitchwiki everywhere

"Aard Dictionary is a multiplatform dictionary and offline Wikipedia reader. It runs on desktop computers, notebooks and netbooks with Windows, Linux and Mac OS X as well as Nokia Internet Tablets (N800 and N810) and anywhere Python, PyGTK and ICU are available.

Muy muy muy Alta (en el norte)

We didn't leave Stockholm the time we expected. It happened a couple of days later. And even on that Sunday we were very late, I got stung by a bee in the last moment. We went to a hitch spot I found on Hitchbase, which was rather bad actually. We got a ride after a long while and ended up in Uppsala. But we didn't want to stay there, so we hitched out while it was getting dark.

200 articles in the Bambara Wikipedia

In 2005 I tried stimulating people in Mali to write for Wikipedia when I was in Bamako. Some articles were written, some more when I offered the equivalent of 1 US$ per article. With my limited knowledge of Bambara I added some more structure and I translated parts of the interface by asking if people understood the words I had found in a dictionary. For a long time almost nothing happened apart from inter-language bots and even spam bots and vandalism. Today the Bambara Wikipedia reached 200 articles.

Jimbo speaking at Long Now

Almost two years ago, but still interesting to hear Jimbo Wales talk about vision and Wikipedia for a public of the Long Now Foundation. (He mentions me and some work I did in Mali.) Thanks to Alex for the tip.

IDLELO3, Dakar, March 18-20, Wikipedia in West African languages

Today I received that my abstract that I submitted to the IDLELO3 conference that will be held in Dakar from the 18th till the 20th of March was accepted.  Here it is:
Wikipedia in West African languages Wikipedia is a project for the creation of free encyclopedias in many languages.

Nokia N810

I wish Nokia sold laptops. I really liked my Nokia 770, that I bought in December 2005. It's running mostly free software, and is very Debianic. I wasn't traveling with a laptop then, and it was a nice (and often cheap) way to get online. I also read a lot of books with the excellent FBReader. And I created MaemoDict, which never really worked very well I must admit.

De l'espoir pour l'Afrique

Comme j'avait écrit, j'ai rencontré Ibou hier. Je savais pas quoi expecter, mais c'était inspirant, dès les premiers instants. Ibou est un jeune sénégalais, qui fait ses études d'électrotechnique en Italie. Il parle le wolof mieux que tout autre langue, mais jusqu'il y a 6 mois il savait pas l'écrire. Sur l'internet il avait trouvé plus d'information sur sa langue maternelle, qui est parlée par 90% de la population du Sénégal - contrairement au français, parlé par environ 10%.

I'll be off to meet Ibou

Thanks to Callum I have a blog again that I want to use. Now I don't have any excuses any more not to blog every week. Ah well, that is unlikely to happen. Today I'm glad to read that some people enjoy their own dogfood. But I'm even happier that I'm vegetarian. There are also some events that I will not publicly disclose yet. Oh la la, all this secrecy. Maybe I could also be a Leader, one day. But not today.