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B'Tselem: migration from ASP to Drupal

In October 2008 I hitchhiked through the Middle East all the way to Jerusalem, it only took me 12 days out of which I spent 3 days in Istanbul. Syria was still a relatively safe place to travel, but of course I was covered by a 6 month travel insurance.
While in Israel I got in touch with B'Tselem, a human rights organization for the occupied territories.


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fail2ban and sshd on non-standard port

Sometimes wifi connections only allow connections to a limited range of ports. In Israel connections to ports over 1024 were seriously throttled. So I put the SSH server of one machine on port 22. When going through /var/log/auth last week I found many bots trying to enter with standard names. So I installed fail2ban, today I'm checking and everything is working fine. For your own safety you can set up IP addresses that can always come through. Merely putting sshd on a non-standard port seems to be a more adequate way to keep bots out.