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Working for Hyves in Amsterdam

Hyves is a Dutch social network based in Amsterdam. I've been a member for a while now and I mainly used it to find people I know from my primary and secondary school. On the 29th of November I noticed that they were looking for people. I sent them a very short message with a link to my CV. Koen, one of the  three founders, responded within 20 minutes. Exactly one week later I was in a plane heading to  Amsterdam to attend the party to celebrate the 5.000.000th member.

I grabbed

Social networks are hot. MySpace, Facebook. Google recently wanted to open the market with its OpenSocial. Which made me think, are these efforts really social? Is Facebook a real social network? I think not So I grabbed which is currently just an alias. But I will put up a wiki with my (and your?) ideas about what real social networks are. I'm thinking of distinguishing Real Social and real social networks. I'd consider CouchSurfing, BookCrossing, and all current ride share websites that I'm aware of, as real social networks.