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Some new projects: vegan, velo and

A couple of months ago someone asked me to set up wikis about busking and abou veganism. A wiki about veganish things had been on my mind for a while. I just didn't directly want to register another domain name. I started looking around and found was still free. So I started, a website with information for vegans and wannabegans. It's growing fast and we already have more than 100 articles.

Trash to Tax to Morocco (not) to Memrise to Awesome App

Right after coming back from an excellent trip though the West Coast and Mexico I got an interesting message from London, through LinkedIn. Funny enough it was for a gig in Utrecht. Helping out the Dutch tax authorities with a MediaWiki project. I wasn't sure if I really wanted to do that so I came up with a silly daily price. Two days later I was in their office. In my jeans. In the first 5 minutes there was mention of Trashwiki which somehow was actually appreciated! So my finances were set for 2012.

My first mobile site, in Drupal of course

In 2008 I built my first Drupal site, for the furniture business of my family. The site proved to be a big success and we started some other furniture sites as well later on. I also worked on many other Drupal sites and the web in general hasn't been standing still. So last year we decided it was time for an upgrade. Not as easy as thought with a site that is ranking extremely well for a wide range of keywords. It also appeared more difficult to get to a new design.