Javascript everwhere: PhoneGap and Node.js (and no Eclipse)

Got into PhoneGapApache Cordova a little while back. First I got into Titanium Appcelerator, thanks to my friend Silvio. But Titanium was all Eclipsy and then when I wanted to do some coding in the train I found out that I needed to be online to code in Titanium. I do have Ben Internet in the Netherlands and Mobile Vikings in Belgium but it's not always working amazingly in a moving train and this restriction was a tad bit too much.

Back to blog: more posts coming up

It's due time to write some more blog posts on this site. I've started tons of websites all over the place but I think it's probably better to spend some more effort here. This site will be more interesting and it will also be easier to actually score in Google for a wider range of terms. Since that's my main occupation these days: playing the Google game, for fun and profit.

So I'm going to move some stuff back here, starting with some pages from another site, such as this list of websites and domains I have in English.

Watch out for Autoblogging!

I’ve been looking around at, an online marketplace for websites and I’ve come across quite a few funky, dodgy and murky things. This is a short post just to tell you not get involved in this one thing: autoblogging, which doesn’t have much to do with blogging but more so with automatically copying other people’s blog posts.

Spyrestudios wrote a good post about why autoblogging sucks, main reasons are that it’s not nice to those who have the original, and it’s also won’t lead to a healthy SEO situation. Google doesn’t like copycats.

Releasing a Drupal site? Check robots.txt!

Whenever you release a site for which it's somewhat important that it's indexed in Google: check your robots.txt.

Cheapest way to get from Brussels to Maastricht (and vice versa)

"What's the cheapest way to get from Brussels to Maastricht?" I just got this question from a friend and I think it's good more people know about an option to get from Brussels to Maastricht for just a bit more than 10 euros. Well, I'm actually going to discuss the third cheapest way to get from Maastricht to Brussels. Of course the two cheapest ways are hitchhiking and walking (in this order, since you'll be very hungry when walking from Brussels to Maastricht). If you take the train in Belgium regularly this option will be a good deal for you.

Dumped by

I decided to check out what is about, apart from parking domains. I copied 10 domains in their application form (that's the minimum) and received this a couple of days later:

In order for to pay industry leading payouts we have to ensure traffic quality for our network is of the highest standards.
Our traffic quality department has analyzed your application and has determined that it does not currently meet the standards we are looking for in new partners.

The Traffic Quality Department

Five reasons you should you start developing your domains right from the start

I'm not an average domainer. I have a strong IT background with tons of experience with search engine optimization. Hence I have a different outlook on this business that can be valuable to this business and to everyone on the Internet. Here you find five reasons why you should you start developing your domains right from the start.



  • Domain age matters. Website age matters. The sooner Googlebot comes over to see what's going on the better. Even if there is just a standard template, this will be better than nothing.
  • Slicehost DNS API Python code

    I'm setting up quite a few domains these days. The interface of the company is far from great and it doesn't allow bulk updates for DNS records. Fortunately I still have a Slicehost account. At the moment I don't have any VPS running there but they still allow their customers to use their DNS services. I think that's a smart way of retaining clients - and getting new ones.

    Books LLC scam on Amazon

    I love books about linguistics and I've been learning Hebrew and Arabic for a while now. So I was happy to see this title on Amazon: Semitic Linguistics: Proto-Semitic Language, Semitic Root, Status Constructus, Broken Plural, Nonconcatenative Morphology, Emphatic Consonant.

    Scam LLC

    Remove all blocks from a Drupal theme

    Very useful when moving towards Features:

    DELETE FROM blocks WHERE theme = 'your_theme_name';

    From drush sql-cli, of course.

    This is especially useful when building a subsite, for which I'm now mostly convinced by Sections.