(mdb to) csv to MySQL

Quick and dirty PHP script to turn a CSV file into a table in a MySQL database. Used for a Drupal project, so I ran it with drush php-script. Couldn't find anything better online. Feel free to use it.

If I need it again some time I will probably make it a bit nicer (I might also make it nicer if you ask me nicely and/or pay me to do it).

In the project I'm using it, I first converted an .mdb file to .csv with mdbtools.



$handle = fopen("/tmp/test.csv", "r");
$headers = fgetcsv($handle);

Rewrite Rules (not) - Lowercase URLs, but only for some specific paths

This took me enough time to get right to post a little blog post about it:

        RewriteEngine on
        RewriteMap lc int:tolower
        RewriteCond %{REQUEST_URI} (shared|Shared|download|Download)/[A-Z]
        RewriteRule (.*) ${lc:$1} [R=301,L]

Note that this doesn't work in .htaccess - you have to put it higher up in the Apache configuration.

Recursively create lowercase symlinks to filenames with uppercase letters - in Python

I'm working on a project to convert a big ASP website into Drupal. On Windows OSes there is not really a distinction between upper and lower case characters in filenames. At first I thought to just leave the capitals, but on web pages links were sometimes with capitals and sometimes lowercase. So I added some stuff to the Apache configuration, usually inside the VirtualHost directive (this does not work in .htaccess):


RewriteEngine on
RewriteMap lc int:tolower
RewriteCond %{REQUEST_URI} [A-Z]

Support for Dutch sites in Drupal Service Links

For my little project site about swimming pool construction I decided I needed some way to spread links better over Dutch sites. So I hacked around a little bit in Drupal's Service Links module and I just uploaded some files to support nujij en eKudos. I want to add some more Dutch sites, but there ain't that many it seems.

Ads are back - this time FLOSS only though!

This month I found out about the free software advertising network. I took the opportunity of moving my blog to Drupal to add ads for ethical computing, approved by the Free Software Foundation: "The Free Software Community now has an ethical alternative to ad networks that promote proprietary software".

Damn, I'm even tempted to click on these ads myself!

Moving my blog from WordPress to Drupal

WordPress is a great blogging platform. I've been using it for a couple of years now for my blog. However, with some small exceptions I haven't really dived deeper into it. Since most of my professional time (and a lot of my hobby time) goes into Drupal I started looking into moving my blog to Drupal. I've also been thinking about how I want to publish more about the work I've been doing.

I'm going to FOSDEM

memcache doesn't necessarily speed up your Drupal sites

Sites that show up quickly on a user's screen tend to keep the user's attention for longer and also rank better in Google. So when listening to the excellent Lullabot Podcast 80: Top 40 Drupal Modules Revisited I was caught by Drupal experts stating that Memcache would even speed up your site if it's not a high traffic site. It could off-load the database. I decided to give it a try on a relatively low traffic site of one of my clients.

Adding Group overview to CiviCRM contact summary page

Intal's CiviCRM needed some customizations. So I delved into CiviCRM's templating system, which is based on smarty.

Drupal Camp Ghent 2009

I'm going to Drupal Camp Ghent 2009 11th and 12th of December.